Lakers Fans Welcome Steve Nash To LA By Handing Him A Beer On The Freeway (Video)

lakers fans pass a beer to steve nash on freewayIt was a tough year for fans of the Los Angeles Lakers. I mean, these are people who are used to winning championships, not being embarrassed by the league commissioner with that Chris Paul fiasco and having team chemistry go to sh*t while LA’s other basketball team suddenly becomes the toast of the town.

So needless to say, when Jerry Buss and his team executives went out and signed free-agent point guard and two-time NBA MVP Steve Nash, Lakers fans were pumped.

How pumped?

Really pumped. Like spot Steve Nash speeding down the freeway and hand him a beer pumped.

Yes, when Steve Nash arrived in LA last week for the 2012 ESPY Awards, an SUV full of rowdy sports nuts spotted him riding in the back of an SUV. Then they did what any of us would do: they honked their horn, hung out the windows yelling his name, pulled up along side his car, and handed him an ice cold (I presume) Keystone Light…which they just happened to have on hand.

Of course, Nash was pretty amused, so he filmed the encounter with his phone.

Check it out:

Yeah, I think Steve is thinking he made the right choice.

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