Watch This Mascot Get Thrown From An ATV And Hit The Ground Face First (Video)

norfolk tides mascot riptide atv wipeout faceplantIt’s not easy being a sports mascot. Not only are those suits ridiculously hot, but those guys get subjected to all kinds of abuse and humiliation. If they aren’t being pushed or tackled or molested by crazy fans, they’re the victims of stunts gone wrong.

And that brings us to poor Rip Tide. He’s the official mascot of the Triple-A Norfolk Tides, which is the farm team of the Baltimore Orioles.

On Sunday, with the Tides at home facing the Lehigh Valley IronPigs (which is a real team and not one I just made up), Rip Tide was entertaining the fans while zipping across the outfield warning track atop an ATV when he had a little mishap.

Specifically, Rip tried to bring the ATV to a drifting stop (like a boss), but he was going a little too fast. So the ATV tumbled over and sent the blue mascot flying face-first into the dirt (like an entry-level employee).

But what did Rip do? Did he lie there and wait for the medical staff to arrive?

Hell no. He just walked it off and got back on the ATV. Because he’s a pro.

Check it out:

Hat Tip – [Gorilla Mask]

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