Did Phillies Prospect Jiwan James Make An Insane Bare-Handed Catch Over The Outfield Wall? (Video)

jiwan james amazing catchDo you like magic tricks? If so, you’re going to love this play.

Recently, Jiwan James, a highly touted prospect in the Philadelphia Phillies farm system—or is it pharm system?—made an absolutely unbelievable over-the-wall catch to rob an opposing batter of a home run. And by “absolutely unbelievable,” I don’t mean it was so amazing that you almost can’t believe it happened. I mean, when you watch the replay, you literally cannot believe this was a fair catch.

I won’t ruin it for you by saying anything else. Just watch it:

When I first watched this clip, I was really confused right at the 0:08 mark. The video’s title boasts of an “amazing catch,” but I clearly saw the white blur of the ball go past his glove and, apparently, over the wall for a home run. But then, just two seconds later, there’s the Reading Phillies center fielder, lying on his back with no glove and holding up a ball with his throwing hand.

So what kind of sorcery is this? Where did the guy’s glove go, and how the hell did he catch that ball?

Well, the obvious answer is that James totally whiffed on making the catch with his glove, which then fell off his hand and over the wall. The ball, however, did not go over the wall. Instead, it (most likely) hit the top of the wall and—abracadabra!—ended up in James’s right hand.

That, or James is a sleight-of-hand expert and carries an extra ball around in his pocket, just in case.

Of course, you can’t see any of this with the naked eye. And that’s why the umpires at this Double-A game ruled it a catch.

Were they right?  I guess James is the only one who knows the real answer to that question.

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