Delonte West Has A Terrible Arm (Video)

delonte west terrible throwWhat is it with basketball players?  At times they have no problem draining half-court shots, but they couldn’t throw a baseball five feet if their life depended on it.  That was the case for Wizards guard John Wall, who served up what may very well be the worst opening pitch in the history of opening pitches one year ago during a Washington Nationals game.  And it certainly appears to be the case for Delonte West as well, if the following video is any indication.

The video comes via a fan that was present at a recent charity baseball game that West was playing in.  And while you probably wouldn’t expect the Mavs’ guard to know all of the rules of softball, you’d at least expect him to know that you aren’t supposed to wear your glove on the same hand that you use to throw…

…or maybe not.

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