Kid Picks Up Troy Matteson’s Ball On Final Hole At John Deere Classic (Video)

kid picks up matteson's ball on 18th hole at john deereGolf has a lot of weird rules. In fact, the rules of golf are so confusing that even the guys who play the game for a living screw up every once in a while and get themselves disqualified on technicalities.

For this reason, there’s one simple rule that everyone can follow to save themselves a lot of trouble: at a pro golf tournament, never pick up a ball unless it’s in the hole. And that applies to both the players, and the fans.

Think the ball is out of bounds? Don’t touch it. Think the ball is eligible for a drop? Don’t touch it.

It’s simple!

Unfortunately, one young golf fan at the final round of the John Deere Classic on Sunday did not follow this simple rule. He thought maybe pro golf tournaments were like baseball games, and if the ball comes into the crowd, it’s yours. So when Troy Matteson‘s tee shot on the 18th went astray, the kid snatched it.

But Troy Matteson wasn’t just one of the golfers trying to finish his round and go home. He started the 18th hole tied for the lead with Zach Johnson at 19-under. So when this kid decided to grab his ball, he really stepped in deep you know what.

Check it out:

As you can see, the kid knows right away that he made a mistake. And the other fans around him weren’t going to let him get away with it, either. But, fortunately, he didn’t cost Matteson the tournament. They let him drop the ball near where the kid had picked it up with no penalty, and he went on to complete the hole tied with Johnson…

Then he lost in a playoff.  And we certainly can’t blame the kid for that, can we?

Hat Tip – [Devil Ball]

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