Padres Fan Makes Nice Catch On Foul Ball Despite Cast On Right Hand (Video)

padres fan with a cast on hand makes nice catchThe folks who produce Padres games for Fox Sports San Diego know the home team doesn’t give them a whole lot of stuff to talk about. Not positive stuff, anyway. So they like to send their intrepid field reporter into the stands to interview fans whenever something remotely interesting happens.

Last week it was the guy who got hit in the chest by a foul ball while checking Facebook on his phone. And this week it is the guy in the cast that made a nice catch on a foul ball.

The Astros were batting in the top of the 6th at Petco last night when a foul ball hit into the second deck down the first base line was caught by a guy named Avi Guerrero. It wouldn’t have been a big deal at all, except Guerrero had a broken thumb and his right hand was in a cast.

How’d he do it? Well, he had his glove with him, but it wasn’t on at the time because, as he explained, he was trying to eat his bread bowl (what ever happened to nachos and hot dogs?).  However, he was able to hold the glove out and make the basket catch anyway.

Check it out:

Normally I’m against grown men bringing gloves to baseball games—especially when there’s no real danger of being hit by a line drive. But for those grown men who have one of their hands in a cast, I think I can make an exception.

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