Down 10 With Only Two Minutes Left, Australian Rugby Team Stages Epic Comeback (Video)

south sydney rabbitohs celebration incredible comebackYou don’t have to know a lot about rugby to appreciate this thrilling last-minute comeback.

On Monday night, the South Sydney Rabbitohs of Australia’s National Rugby League made an epic comeback against their archivals, the Sydney Roosters.

Down 22-12 with only two minutes remaining, things were looking bleak for the Rabbitohs until they finally spread out and broke down the Roosters’ defense, with Nathan Merrit running the ball in for a try—which is like a touchdown in football, only it’s worth 5 points instead of 6. They followed that up with a conversion, which looks a lot like an extra point in American football, but is worth another two points, instead of one.

Of course, in football, things would still look pretty bad for the Rabbitohs, since the team that scores has to kick off next. But in rugby the team scored upon has to kick off, meaning there was still hope.

So what happened on the ensuing kickoff?

That’s right. The Rabbitohs ran it all the way back for another try, which tied the game at 22. Then they made the ensuing conversion, giving them the incredible 24-22 victory.

It was totally awesome. Check it out for yourself:

Oh, and if the South Sydney Rabittohs sound familiar to you, maybe it’s because they are owned by none other than Russell Crowe.

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