Brawl And Knockout During Amateur Soccer Game (Video)

amateur soccer brawlSometimes sports bring out the best in us. That, certainly, is the idea behind every Olympic marketing scheme ever created. But more often than not, sports have the tendency to bring out the worst in us.

The best examples of this, of course, are sports fights. It doesn’t matter what kind of sporting event we’re talking about—there’s been some kind of violent altercation. Parents fighting at little league all-star game? Yep. Mascots mixing it up with opposing fans? Of course. Football fans fighting at meaningless exhibition games? Absolutely!

And that brings us to this video, which shows players getting way too upset over a hard foul at some random amateur soccer game.

It all starts when a player on the blue team performs a violent flying tackle, taking out a player on the yellow team. Then the captain of the yellow team goes to confront the offender from the blue team, but instead of the usual shoving and name calling that we have grown accustomed to seeing in the game of soccer, the guy on the blue team just cold-cocks him right in the face.

Check it out:

It’s certainly not your typical soccer fight, is it? After all, usually the punches and kicks are thrown while players are running away from each other.

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