The Kings Recently Held Tryouts For Their Ice Girls Crew, And The Video Is Amazing (Video)

kings ice girls try-outsAfter the King’s magical playoff run this spring that ended with them hoisting (and partying with) the Stanley Cup for the first time in franchise history, these guys are suddenly the biggest sports stars in Tinseltown. Thus, when the team recently held open tryouts for their Ice Girls crew, there was more interest than ever.

Unfortunately, the fact that everyone in L.A. suddenly loves the Kings does not mean they also suddenly know how to skate. So that resulted in a lot of hot women in spandex taking nasty spills at the Toyota Sports Center.

Obviously, the team’s online video channel, KingsVision, was on hand to film the proceedings, and they put together a little story featuring some of the drills the girls had to do, plus a number of interviews.

Oh, right. And a lot of attractive (often busty) women in sports bras trying not to fall face first on the ice (a lot of them failed).

Check it out for yourself:

That’s some good reporting, isn’t it? My favorite part would have to be when that one girl explains how the red mark on her neck is a curling iron burn—totally not a hickey she got from Brad Doty. Wink, wink.

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