25 Hilarious Diving Fails (GIFs)

When the temperature is soaring and the summer sun is blazing, nothing feels better than diving into a cold pool or lake. To go suddenly from painfully hot to blissfully cool is just one of life’s great pleasures, right up there with cracking open a cold one after a long afternoon of yard work, or taking a half day at work heading into a three-day weekend.

Of course, if you’re not careful, if you get too cocky, a nice refreshing dive can turn into pain and humiliation in the blink of an eye. One extra jump on that diving board, or one extra step in your running start, and the next thing you know you’re writhing in pain and everyone on the internet is laughing at you.

Then again, compiling this list of diving fail GIFs really made my week. So at lease these epic failures brought joy to someone’s life.

Check ’em out, because I bet they’ll brighten your day, too.

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