LeBron Unveils New “Unstoppable Move” At Team USA Shoot-Around (Video)

lebron james new unstoppable moveOn the surface, it might seem like LeBron James and Kevin Durant would be like oil and water. And not only because the two were adversaries in the NBA Finals this year.

The globe-trotting, celebrity entourage-toting, Decision-making, multiple championship-forecasting LeBron is generally regarded as having a bit of an inflated ego. Meanwhile, if there’s any criticism of the 3x NBA scoring champion, Durant, it’s that the guy may be too nice.

However, the two seem to be getting along quite well as teammates on the U.S. Olympic men’s basketball team.

In fact, yesterday the two were horsing around and having a good time together at a team shoot-around, which was open to the media, when LeBron shared his new, presumably top-secret “unstoppable move” with Durant.

Check it out:

Derek Zoolander had Magnum. LeBron James has this.

Not bad, right?

Unfortunately, Durant had a little trouble duplicating the move himself. But now that he’s seen it, he’ll be ready to defend against it should the Heat and Thunder meet in the Finals again next year.

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