Michael Vick Is Talking Frankly About His Time In Prison On DLHQ (Video)

michael vick interviewPhiladelphia Eagles QB Michael Vick, one of the most polarizing figures in pro sports, has “written” an autobiography. It’s called Michael Vick: Finally Free, and in it he writes about his involvement in the infamous dog-fighting ring, his legal battles, and, of course, his time in prison.

The book is scheduled for release on September 4, but Vick is hitting the talk-show circuit to promote the book now, as he’ll be busy with training camp come August.

Yesterday, Vick did an interview with Dan Le Batard for his ESPN2 talk show, DLHQ, and the disgraced quarterback was pretty open about his whole experience, as Le Batard asked him what the first day of prison was like, whether he’d ever been “tested” (around 3:24), and what his most shameful moment was?

Check it out:

Personally, my favorite part is when Le Batard comments that Vick doesn’t sound bitter (7:05), which is pretty hysterical. After all, why should the guy be bitter? He orchestrated a ring of systematic cruelty, torturing dogs to death, but spent less than two years in prison and got a 6-year $100 million contract (with $40 million guaranteed) from the Eagles when he got out.

I’m not still bitter myself, mind you. I think everyone should forgive the guy and move on. It’s just that, all things considered, Vick doesn’t even have a right to feel bitter. He should feel lucky.

Anyway, Vick also stopped by the Piers Morgan show recently for a little chat. There, Morgan asked him whether he would consider getting a dog now that his 3-year ban on owning one has expired. And here’s what Vick had to say about that:

Regardless of what your thoughts on Vick and these interviews may be, his book should still be quite an interesting read.

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