Minor League Catcher Obliterates Base Runner During Collision At The Plate (Video)

home plate collision stryker trahanRemember when San Francisco Giants catcher Buster Posey broke his leg and ended his season after a brutal home plate collision last year? Everyone was talking about how the MLB has to do something to protect the poor, vulnerable catchers from such plays, including Posey’s own manager, Bruce Bochy.

On some level, the argument was understandable, since the defending World Series Champion Giants lost their most valuable everyday player and one of their very few offensive weapons for a whole season. However, it was kind of silly in that it completely ignored the other side of the equation—namely, that there are two people involved in a home plate collision. How come nobody ever talks about protecting the base runner?

Maybe now people will, after seeing this video. It features a collision at the plate from an Arizona (Rookie) League game between the AZL Diamondbacks and the AZL Mariners. The catcher? That’s the D-Backs’ recently drafted Stryker Trahan. And as you’ll soon see, he’s not the one whose health we’re worried about after this collision.

Check it out:

Trahan—whose name is apparently pronounced “tra-HAW,” as if it wasn’t bad enough that his first name is Stryker with a y—completely levels that poor kid from the Mariners.

So yeah, let’s not get carried away with all the “protect the catcher” talk.  After all, it appears as though some of them are doing a fine job protecting themselves.

Hat Tip – [The Score]

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