LeBron James’ Dunk And President Obama’s Ensuing Expression Are Even Cooler In Super Slow-Motion (Video)

obama impressed by lebron james dunkOn Tuesday we told you all about Barack and Michelle Obama‘s kiss cam adventures at the USA-Brazil exhibition basketball game Monday night in DC.

Well today we’ve got another story pertaining to Obama’s outing at the Verizon Center on Monday. But this one has nothing to do with Presidential smooching, and everything to do with a LeBron James’ monster jam.

If you watch SportsCenter regularly (or, if you’re in Canada, SportsCentre), you probably saw highlights of the game in question already, and know exactly which dunk I am talking about. Roughly midway through the second quarter, Team USA was out on a fast break following a Brazil turnover.  LeBron grabbed the ball at half court and decided to take it all the way to the basket by himself, resulting in a spectacular dunk.

What you probably didn’t see on SportsCenter was this angle. It not only shows LeBron’s dunk, but also the reaction of President Obama and Vice President Biden, who were sitting in the front row. And, like everything, it’s even better in slow motion and set to epic music.

Check it out:

Clearly, they’re very impressed. However, do I detect a hint of “I can totally do that” in the President’s raised eye brows?

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