27 Examples of Awesome Skateboard Art

Skateboarding isn’t only a sport. It’s also a sport, but first and foremost it’s a way of life with its very own ethos. And this ethos hold that every aspect of skating presents an opportunity for expression. Thus fashion, language, music, and design are as important to skateboarding as gear and performance, which is why, for the last 30 years, skateboarding has been one of the dominant trendsetters in world culture. (Exhibit A: Justin Bieber.)

Ground zero for skateboarding culture are the boards themselves, and today we’re taking a look at some of the most awesome skateboard graphics out there today. I’m not an expert on the subject by any means. I just think it’s cool.

Now, this list contains the work of just 16 artists. Why?Because I didn’t want to just show you a bunch of awesome decks without recognizing the insanely talented people who created them. And it just so happens that 16 artists was about as many as I wrap my head around. So this is hardly a comprehensive list; it’s just a scratch on the surface.

But enough introduction. Let’s look at some kickass skateboard art, shall we?

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