NMA Taiwanese Animation Thinks Penn State Football Should Get “The Death Penalty” (Video)

penn state lion killed nma taiwanese animationEver since the Freeh Report came out last week, the debate over what to do about the Penn State University football program has been raging. And, as is typical of these types of cases, the temperature has been rising steadily, to the point where some people are now saying the NCAA needs to give PSU football “the death penalty”—i.e., suspend the program for an entire year. Or two. Or, hell, maybe even three.

You see, the Freeh Report was the result of a hard look into the PSU child sex abuse scandal by an independent investigator (former FBI Director Louis Freeh). And it concluded that coach Joe Paterno and three other top Penn State officials—including the university president—had acted to cover up the alleged child abuse by Jerry Sandusky.

And now that all this has gone public, a lot of people want heads to roll.

But who should be punished, and how? Sandusky? He’s in jail already. Joe Paterno? He’s dead. The aforementioned university president? Fired. The other two guys? Goners.

Still, people quite understandably want Penn State to pay for the systemic cover up of child rape.

Luckily, as with all the important debates of our time, we can rely on our good Taiwanese friends at Next Media Animation to help us make sense of this delicate, complicated issue, as they’ve put together one of their trademark explanatory videos that’s sure to help us all form sound, rational opinions.

Check it out:

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