Saint Bernard at the Oakland A’s Game Tries to Bite Giants Fan (Video)

st. bernard attacks giants fan at A's gameIn recent years, the poor Oakland A’s have been sort of held hostage by the San Francisco Giants. They’re stuck in a terrible stadium located in the crappiest part of the San Francisco Bay Area (sorry Oakland, no offense), and they’ve been trying to move and get a new stadium built in San Jose for some time.

The problem? The San Francisco Giants say that is their territory, and they won’t allow the A’s to infringe upon it. So the historic A’s franchise either has to stay in unprofitable Oakland, or leave the Bay area altogether.

So, suffice it to say, the A’s and Giants aren’t friendly neighbors right now. And apparently, the A’s have decided to take revenge on the Giants by training a special pack of St. Bernard dogs to attack anyone wearing Giants’ black and orange.

Or at least, I assume that’s what they’ve resorted to. How else do you explain this video?

Okay, I’ll admit that having Saint Bernards attack Giants fans probably isn’t a part of the Oakland A’s master plan. But it is a strategy that they may want to put in their back pocket for a rainy day.

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