Tom Willis, a Man Born with No Arms, Threw the First Pitch at Wrigley Field Yesterday (Video)

man with no arms throws out first pitch at wrigley field cubs gameMan, the Chicago Cubs are on a roll these days. Not only has the team won 14 of their last 19 games to climb into…well, second-to-last place, but they’ve also had a number of interesting things happening at the beautiful (but crumbling) Wrigley Field.

Last week, Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler stopped by to sing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” (terribly), and this week a female fan caught a foul ball in her beer on the same day that Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis had a pizza delivered while throwing out the first pitch.

So what did they have in store for us yesterday?

If you guessed “a guy born with no arms throwing out the first pitch,” you’re right!

His name is Tom Willis, and this wasn’t his first time. Last year he threw out the first pitch at Fenway, and he stated that he was on a mission to throw out a ceremonial first pitch at every baseball stadium in America (and, we presume, the one in Canada).

So how does he do it? Well, he grips the ball with his toes and slings it in there with his leg, making him probably the only person who throws forkballs for ceremonial pitches.

Check it out:

I love how you see the first attempt and think, hey, that’s pretty good for no arms. Then he insists on doing it again, and you see what he’s really capable of.

Tom Willis is a pretty inspiring guy.  Wouldn’t you agree?

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