Ever Wonder What It Would Be Like To Take On Real UFC Fighers?

uriah faber sparringIf you’re like me, you’d totally love to give mixed martial arts a try—you know, if not for all the punching and kicking and bleeding and what not. After all, it’s supposed to give you an amazing workout.

Thankfully, guys like me (who are afraid of getting their faces smashed in) can see what it would be like to face off against real UFC fighters, thanks to a nice little video that the UFC put together to promote this weekend’s UFC 149 main event between Uriah Faber and Renan Barão.

The two bantamweight fighters each held open workouts recently, and UFC equipped their sparring partners with cameras to record every punch and kick. The result is that you at home get to see what it would be like to stand toe to toe with Faber and Barão, without having to endure any of the physical pain and damage.

Check it out:

I think what this video shows most of all—and which you can’t always get from the regular angle you see when watching a UFC fight on pay-per-view—is just how fast these guys really are. It’s kind of terrifying to know some dude could punch you like six times before you even have a chance to blink.

Anyway, these two were supposed to square off two weeks earlier at UFC 148 as the undercard to the big Silva-Sonnen bout. Then one of the fighters initially scheduled to headline UFC 149, José Aldo, got injured, so they moved the Faber-Barão bout there to be the main event. Hopefully it’ll prove to be a worthy replacement.

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