Bulgarian Fan Faceplants While Celebrating U16 Women’s Basketball Victory (Video)

bulgarian fan faceplantFor most of us, it was hard to get excited about the Under-16 Division B Women’s European Basketball Championships taking place in Estonia over the past couple of weeks.  Much of that lack of excitement probably has something to do with the fact that few of us knew this tournament was even talking place.

However, there was one man who appeared to be having little trouble getting fired up for this tournament, as this crazy Bulgarian fan couldn’t contain his emotions following his home country’s victory over Latvia during Saturday’s semi-final.

The result of his over-exuberance?  An embarrassing face-plant down a few rows of seats and onto the hard-court.

Check it out:

After suffering that embarrassing fall, he probably figured that would be the last anyone would ever see of that.  After all, it took place at a little know tournament in a small gym with just a few dozen spectators on hand.  So no one could have possibly caught the incident on tape, right?


Sorry buddy, but thanks to YouTube and cell phone cameras, it is almost impossible for embarrassing incidents like this to go unnoticed.  Unfortunately, you had to find that out the hard way.

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