FAIL: CFL Player Celebrates TD Too Early, Gets Tackled On 1 Yard Line (Video)

chris williams cfl touchdown celebration failThere are a number of things I don’t like about Canadian football. There aren’t enough downs, the end zone is too big, and, most importantly, the ball is too big for my dainty hands.

However, one thing I do like is the fact that the uprights are in play. Thus, if the kicker misses, his team doesn’t just lose possession. The other team also gets the opportunity to run it back (unless it is kicked out of the end zone for a single point, or a “rouge”). And that makes for some potentially exciting game-changing plays.

Of course, it also provides showboating morons an extra chance at embarrassing themselves. And that brings me to Chris Williams of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

On Saturday night, the Cats hosted the Montreal Alouettes in Hamilton with first place on the line. In the second quarter, with Hamilton already leading first-place Montreal by a score of 15-7, the Alouettes’ attempt at a field goal went wide. Tiger-Cats punt returner, Chris Williams, was there to catch the ball, and he nearly made the most of it, via a remarkable run all the way down the field towards his opponent’s end zone.  But with a full 20 yards to go before the goal line, he decided it would be a good idea to turn around and run backwards the rest of the way.

So would you like to guess how that act of showboating worked out for him?

If you said, “Williams was tackled on the 1-yard line before crossing the plain,” you’d be correct.

Check out this breathtaking celebration fail for yourself:

So how did he feel about the whole thing? Well, it made him sick. Like, literally sick. Evidence of that came a little later in the game, as Williams threw up right there on the field while waiting for a play to start.

Luckily for this 24-year-old New Mexico State-alum, his awful error didn’t cost his team the game. The Tiger-Cats ended up scoring on the next play, and went on to win 39-24.

And to Williams’ credit, he owned up to his “bonehead play,” saying it showed “lack of judgment.” He also apologized to his team, the Montreal coach, and the fans.

But still…wow.

Hat Tip – [TSN]

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