Drunk Fan Begs Chuck Liddell to Punch Him, and Chuck Liddell Obliges (Video)

chuck liddell punches drunk fanIf you’re a fan of a great baseball slugger, the greatest souvenir you could ever get would be a home run ball hit by said slugger—a memento of his signature sports achievement. So it only stands to reason that, if you’re a fan of a great MMA fighter, the greatest souvenir you could ever get would be a tooth that he knocked out of some opponent’s mouth.

As for the second-greatest souvenir for an MMA fan? I’d say that would probably be a nasty welt on your arm from when your MMA hero punched you. And it turns out that one lucky Chuck Liddell fan recently got just that.

We don’t know too much about this video you’re about to see. All we know is that this is definitely UFC Hall of FamerChuck Liddell, and that this supposedly drunk fan begs him to punch him as hard as he can in the arm.


Check it out:

The guy takes the punches like a champ, but that had to hurt. Still, it’s a good thing he isn’t a huge Mike Tyson fan, or he’d probably only have one ear right now.

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