This Fan Danced Like Nobody Was Watching…Because It Was the Trop, and Hardly Anyone Was (Video)

dodgers fan dancing at mariners game extra inningsI love baseball and all its idiosyncrasies, but even I’ll admit that the Great American Pastime can be a little slow sometimes. Fortunately, over the years baseball fans have developed a number of ways to cope with the occasional bout of boredom.

On Friday night, the Rays and Mariners were tied at three after nine innings, so fans were treated to free baseball.

Normally that’s a good thing. Normally, free anything is a good thing. But not when it’s three-and-a-half free innings of boring, uneventful, scoreless indoor baseball underneath the 6 catwalks of Tropicana Field. So there were probably a number of fans who lost their minds during this snooze-fest (which the Rays eventually won). But there was one of them—a portly fellow in a Dodgers hat—who actually seemed to be enjoying himself.

Check it out:

At first I assumed this guy was hamming it up for the camera. And then I saw the awkward moment at the 20-second mark, when he finally realized that he was on TV.

But don’t worry man. Nobody blames you. I’d dance like that too if I had to watch a Mariners game.

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