This Is What A “Football To The Groin” Looks Like In Australia (Video)

Hayden Ballantyne football to the groinIn America, watching someone get hit in the groin with a football is awfully funny and entertaining, as both Hans Moleman and Brett Favre have proven in the past.

And apparently, getting hit in the groin with a football is just as funny and entertaining in Australia, as was proven by Hayden Ballantyne when he was on the receiving end of an accidental nut-shot during an AFL game between the Fremantle Dockers and the Greater Western Sydney Giants.

Check it out:

I’m sure the Giants players got a good laugh out of this incident, but it was Ballantyne and the Dockers who would get the last laugh, thanks to a dominating 132-37 victory.

Hat Tip – [Gorilla Mask]

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