Boxer Adrien Broner Punks His Girlfriend With Fake Marriage Proposal During Post-Fight Interview (Video)

adrien broner pranks punks girlfriend after boutOn Friday, Adrien Broner was stripped of his WBO super featherweight boxing title when he weighed in at 133.5 pounds prior to his fight against challenger Vicentre Escobedo. Thus, even though Broner defeated Escobedo with a TKO in the 5th round, the impressive victory, which kept Broner undefeated at 24-0, was meaningless.

However, the 22-year-old kid from Cincinnati wasn’t down about the loss of his title. In fact, he was pretty upbeat after the fight Saturday, saying he didn’t need to worry because there would be plenty of title shots to come.

Then Broner pulled a prank on everyone in the arena, including his mom, and everyone watching at home on HBO.

He interrupted Max Kellerman’s post-fight interview, saying he had something important to say. Then he pulled his super hot girlfriend in front of him, got down on one knee, and…

…asked her to brush his hair.

So it turns out that, in addition to being a good boxer, Adrien Broner is also a pretty good prankster. I mean, forget the reaction of the crowd—did you see the look on his mom’s face? That was priceless. We’ll have to keep an eye on him as his career moves forward.

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