The World’s Most Valuable Sports Teams (Infographic)

After watching a team like Chelsea FC throw approximately $40-million at a player like Eden Hazard– a 21-year-old winger who has scored 36 goals in 147 appearance over the course of five years with French club Lille–you may have found yourself wondering just how much money some of these sports clubs are worth if they can toss around such large sums of money with relative ease.

Well we have an answer to that question, thanks to the following infographic, which illustrates the world’s 50 richest sports teams, the leagues they play in, and exactly how much they are valued at.

The rankings, and accompanying figures, were the result of Forbe’s analysis for their annual Top 50 list of the world’s most valuable sports teams.  You can check out a breakdown of the 2012 rankings below.

forbes 50 richest teams

Hat Tip – [National Post]

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