Some Idiot Tried to Steal the Olympic Torch the Other Day (Video)

man tries to steal olympic torchWith the 2012 Summer Olympics just days away now, the famous torch relay is approaching its last legs.

It began back on May 10, when they lit the flame at the Temple of Hera in Olympia, Greece. Then, on May 16, they put the flame on an Airbus A319 and sent it to England, and it’s been touring the Island Kingdom ever since.

Of course, as you would expect with such a high profile event, the relay has not been without incident. In Derry, Northern Ireland, Irish republican protestors blocked the torch’s path, forcing the relay to make a detour. Then, a male streaker with “Free Tibet” written on his back was arrested after running out in front of the relay convoy.

The latest incident? Some 17-year-old jackass ran out and tried to grab the torch when it was passing through Gravestand, a small town along the River Thames just east of London.

Check it out:

The would-be thief gets farther than some of the others have gotten, actually getting his hand on the torch. But security is pretty fast in apprehending him, whisking him away, and, presumably, roughing him up a bit.

As for the torch-bearer, it’s believed to be a 23-year-old Polish woman named Anna Skora. As you can see, she follows that old British wartime slogan that’s on all those t-shirts these days by “keeping calm and carrying on.”

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