Texas Rangers Fan Challenges Food Vendor to a Dance-Off (Video)

texas rangers fan dancingSince the mid-60s, when the Mets introduced baseball’s first mascot, Mr. Met, most teams have tried to provide their fans with some form of non-baseball-related entertainment at the ballpark for when the game itself gets a little boring. But recently, some teams have really taken this stuff to a whole new level. They don’t just have crazy mascots; they have kiss cams, and “Star Wars Nights,” and monkeys dressed up like cowboys riding dogs and chasing goats.

Me? I’m a traditionalist. I liked it better when, if the game got boring, you entertained yourself—maybe with some paper airplane throwing or improvised dancing.

And it seems that Texas Rangers fans feel the same way. They don’t sit on their butts and wait for the team to run out some silly gimmick. Rather, the fans take it upon themselves to make sure they have a good time.

Example? How about this awesome dude. He got kind of bored, so he challenged a food vendor to a dance off. And the food vendor gamely accepted the challenge.

Check it out:

See? Who needs Star Wars Night?