29 Amazing Workout GIFs

UPDATE: Workout GIFs continue to be produced at an alarming rate, with many analysts worried that our economy will be unable to keep up. But we can do the best we can, in part by adding a few extra workout GIFs for you to enjoy – these two from TV and the movies, which just go to show that celebrities really are just like us (??).

UPDATE: Working out is kind of a drag, particularly if you’re already in a sedentary position in front of your computer. But maybe you’re looking for some extra motivation to get up and start exercising. If so, find another page, because these workout GIFs will only solidify any decision you’ve made never to go near a piece of exercise equipment ever again. Now with a couple of added bonus slides.

Nobody works out as much as they should. Or at least, most people don’t. And it’s not just because we’re too lazy to go to the gym. There are tons of unique and innovative home workout products available—like the Shake Weight or the Fitness Ace Power—but those just end up collecting dust.

So what, then, is our excuse? I have no idea. I’m just glad the people you are about to see didn’t have it, because these 29 workout GIFs—some weird, some funny, some embarrassing, and some downright sexy— are extremely awesome. They won’t inspire you to work out more. In fact, they’ll probably deter you from doing so. But they will put a smile on your face. So enjoy!