Twins’ Bat Boy Almost Takes Out Ryan Doumit With A Slide Tackle (Video)

twins bat boy almost takes out ryan doumitI always thought it would be kind of awesome to be a Major League bat boy, hanging out in the dugout and waiting hand and foot on real big-leaguers.

But when you think about it, there’s a real downside to the gig. You have to be out there under the spotlight, in front of tens of thousands of people at the stadium and who knows how many millions at home, but you don’t get the same big pay check as the players. So when you mess up and make an ass of yourself, you can’t console yourself by driving home in your Porsche and hanging out in the hot tub with your hot baseball WAG. You just have to suck it up.

Take this poor kid, for example. At last night’s game between the White Sox and Twins in Chicago, he goes out to get the bat of Twins catcher Ryan Doumit after he was hit by a pitch. But the ground was slick and the kid lost traction, nearly taking Doumit out with the kind of hard slide usually reserved for breaking up double plays.

That would have been embarrassing enough, but then there was the reaction from the crowd, and the fact that the Sox announcers on WGN analyzed the slow motion replay, giving everyone at home a nice clear shot of his face—making anonymity impossible.

Check it out:

But hey, at least he got a pat on the butt from Doumit. I bet that felt good.

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