LeBron James’ Fake GMail Account Is Pretty Funny (Image)

With the NBA season over and LeBron James currently in London representing the United States at the 2012 Olympic Summer Games, I am almost certain his GMail account is being flooded with messages.  What I couldn’t tell y0u, however, is exactly who those messages are from and what they say.  Is Erik Spoelstra asking him to at least pretend to listen during timeouts?  Is Dwight Howard constantly asking him where he should play next season?  Is David Stern already informing him that the 2013 NBA Finals will be between the Heat and the Los Angeles Lakers?

If this pseudo-LeBron GMail account is any indication, then the answer to the above questions would be a resounding “YES, YES, YES!!!”

Check it out:

<center?LeBron James gmail account hacked

Hat Tip – [TNLP]

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