Wacko Little League Coach Goes Ballistic On Umpire, Gets Game Forfeited (Video)

crazy little league coach arguing with umpireIf a Major League manager goes ballistic on an umpire during a game, the umpire can simply eject the guy knowing full well that he’ll leave the field (eventually) and the game will resume.

Why? Because even when they’re pissed off, major league managers usually have a sense of professionalism. And if they don’t, there are a bunch of security guards waiting to carry them away, and a league commissioner that is prepared to fine them tens of thousands of dollars.

But what is a little league umpire supposed to do when a manager goes ballistic? Sure, he can eject the guy, but what if he just won’t shut up?

Well, for one little league umpire in Oxford, Connecticut, the answer was simple: call the game.

We don’t have much info about the video below. But we do know that this was a baseball game between 11-year-olds, and according to people who were there, it shows just the last moments of this little league coach’s crazy tirade—a tirade in which he insulted his own players, as well as the ump.

Finally, with the coach yelling and cursing up a storm—all in front of a bunch of stunned little kids—the ump pulls the plug.

Check it out:

Note to self: don’t get too emotionally invested in the outcome of little league baseball games. After all, isn’t it supposed to be all about the kids?

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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