Check Out This Figurine Commemorating Mario Balotelli’s Shirtless Flex Celebration At Euro 2012 (Pic and GIF)

Italian striker Mario Balotelli is a controversial player in the world of soccer.

While with Inter Milan, he was accused by coach José Mourinho of phoning it in at practice and not playing up to his potential. Then he made the Inter fans go apesh*t when he made a television appearance wearing an AC Milan jersey. Oh, and of course, he’s got a penchant for getting into trouble and doing weird stuff off the field—like wearing purple underwear in public.

Still, there’s no denying this 21-year-old kid’s talent for scoring goals. This year he helped Manchester City win it’s first Premier League title in 44 years. Then he followed that with a great performance at Euro 2012, which included two goals against heavily favored Germany in the semifinals.

Of course, Balotelli was still Balotelli.  So after one of those semifinal goals, he celebrated by taking his shirt off and doing a weightlifter’s muscle pose.

balotelli shirtless goal celebration

Now this famous celebration has been immortalized in the form of a Subbuteo figurine.

What is Subbuteo, you ask? It’s a table top soccer game that involves flicking little figurines across a field toward a ball. It’s kind of like billiards…but weirder. Have a look:

Anyway, now Subbuteo enthusiasts can add shirtless flexing Super Mario to their collection of players. Check him out:

subbuteo mario balotelli

Hat Tip – [101 Great Goals]

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