Olympics Organizers Insult North Korea By Running South Korean Flag At Soccer Game (Video)

north korean flag mixup 2012 olympicsNorth Korea and South Korea: one of them is a free democratic society that makes Samsungs and Hyundais; the other is a brutal cult-like dictatorships that can’t feed it’s own people.

Do you know which one is which?

If so, good for you! Unfortunately, the person in charge of putting graphics up on the jumbotron at Hampden Park in Glasgow, Scotland, was not so worldly.

Yesterday, prior to the women’s Olympic soccer match between North Korea—which officially goes by the title Korea DPK, or Democratic People’s Republic of Korea—and Colombia, the jumbotron at Hampden park was running a video introducing all the players. But next to each of the players for North Korea was not the North Korean flag. It was the South Korean flag.

Check it out:

You history and/or international affairs experts out there will recall that, technically, the North and South are still at war. So mistaking one country’s flag for the other’s is kind of a big deal, and a pretty huge embarrassment for the 2012 Olympics organizing committee.

To protest the silly gaffe/international insult, the North Koreans refused to take the field out of protest for 40 minutes. (When they finally came out to play, they beat Colombia 2-0.)

Oh, and just so you know, here is what the North Korean flag really looks like:

north korea flag

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