Olympic Soccer Fail: Swiss’ Admir Mehmedi Misses Open Net From Two Feet Away (Video)

admir mehmedi of switzerland misses wide open netLook, we know it sucks to play soccer at the Olympics. Despite being the most popular sport in the world, soccer is also one of the most irrelevant sports at the Games. Why? Because the old dudes who run FIFA are sticks in mud who don’t want the Olympics to compete with the World Cup, so they only allow players 23 and under to compete in the Games. And so when you tell people, “Hey, I’m an Olympian,” and they say, “Wow, really? What sport?” and then you say, “For soccer,” and they say, “Oh”…yeah, we know.  It stings.

But you know what? As long as you’re there representing your country, you have to get your head in the game. An Olympic medal in soccer may be like winning the NIT in college basketball, but you still don’t want to embarrass yourself and your country.

You hear that, Admir Mehmedi?

Yeah Admir, you play for Switzerland, and nothing you do on the soccer field at the Olympics could ever live up to the historic upset the real Swiss National Soccer Team pulled off in the last World Cup by defeating Spain—possibly the greatest national soccer team ever. But, man, if the ball comes right to your foot, and the whole net is wide open, just blast the thing in there, okay?

And make sure you never do this ever again:

Your heart may not be in it, but still, winning a meaningless game against Gabon is better than tying 1-1, right?

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