Jets’ Quarterback War Just Began With Reporter Calling Mark Sanchez, “Tim” (Video)

mark sanchez called timEver since the Denver Broncos signed Peyton Manning and shipped Tim Tebow (and Tebow-mania) off to the New York Jets (who already had an entrenched #1 quarterback in Mark Sanchez), a lot of people have been eagerly waiting for the Jets’ training camp to begin.

Why? Because everyone loves a good circus, and that’s what follows Tim “I invented the Tebowing phenomenon” Tebow wherever he goes. I mean, when you combine the presence of two big-name quarterbacks with perpetual quote-machine Rex Ryan, the Jets could be the most entertaining team in the NFL–and not in a “greatest show on turf” kind of way.

Anyway, tomorrow marks the first official day of the Jets training camp, and today Mark Sanchez showed up, only to be immediately swarmed by a pack of reporters. So was there quarterback controversy already?

You bet!

As the pack of reporters crowded around, barking questions, one of them started a question by calling Mark Sanchez, “Tim.”

Or at least, it seemed that way. Check out the video:

So was this reporter just clueless, or what?  Well, according to reporter Ben Shpigel of the New York Times, the answer to that question is, “or what.”

He says the reporter who supposedly called Mark Sanchez, “Tim,” was not addressing Sanchez, but trying to start off a question with “Tim said…” However, she kept getting interrupted, so it only sounded like she was an idiot because actual idiots wouldn’t shut up long enough to let her talk.

So a big hat tip to Ben Shpigel for setting the record straight.

Still, the big picture here remains the same. This Tim Tebow-Mark Sanchez quarterback duo is a powderkeg waiting to blow. And if somebody on the Jets doesn’t set it off (cough, Rex Ryan), a member of the media just might.

Hat Tip – [USA Today]

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