Michelle Obama Was Handing Out Official Congratulatory Hugs To The USA Men’s Basketball Team (Video)

michelle obama hugging usa basketballl playersThe Obama administration decided to send First Lady Michelle Obama as the country’s official representative for the Olympic opening ceremonies this past Friday. It made sense, too, given the First Lady’s “Let’s Move” campaign aimed at ending the childhood obesity epidemic—she could stand in for the President (who’s kind of busy campaigning right now) and use the world’s sudden obsession with sports to advance her cause.

But what, you might wonder, does the FLOTUS do at the Olympics as the official representative of the United States?

Well, for one, she’s responsible for giving official congratulatory hugs to the men’s basketball team.

Seriously, after they defeated France in the opening game of the Olympics, every player and coach on Team USA got a nice hug from Michelle Obama—sweat and all. We already knew the Obamas were big basketball fans, but who knew it would go this far? Hopefully Barack isn’t the jealous type. Check it out:

Also part of Michelle Obama’s official duties? Playing soccer with David Beckham. And SpongeBob SquarePants. Obviously.

This clearly was some kind of “get your fat kids off the couch” event tied in with the Olympics. But it’s always nice to see that David Beckham can still score a goal on SpongeBob.

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