This San Francisco Giants Ball Girl Makes A Routine Play Look Hard (Video)

san francisco giants ball girl falls downIn Philadelphia, the fans are notoriously hard on everybody who sets foot on the field at Citizens Bank Park—players and non-players alike. In fact, they’re so vicious that the Phillies even tried hiring Hooters waitresses to be ball girls in the hope that this might placate the angry masses. But that didn’t work either, as even the Hooters ball girls get booed mercilessly when they screwed up.

I bring this up because, if nothing else, the poor ball girl you’re about to see can be glad she lives in San Francisco, and not Philadelphia.

During a recent Giants-Dodgers game at AT&T Park in San Francisco, Los Angeles first baseman James Loney hit a foul ball down the third base line that should have been an easy grab for the left field ball girl. However, while she does manage to get her glove on it, the poor girl is lacking coordination, causing her to take an embarrassing spill right on her back side.

Can you imagine if this were in Philadelphia? She would have had to leave the stadium with a police escort. Thus, if she is looking for a silver lining to this embarrassing situation, it’s that she doesn’t call Pennsylvania home.

Needless to say, I doubt any of the fans in her section were asking this ball girl out on a date.

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