Woman Crashes Indian Delegation’s Walk-In At Olympics Opening Ceremonies

woman crashes team India's olympic entranceIf you happened to be watching the Opening Ceremonies of the 2012 Summer Games this past Friday, you may have noticed something strange when the Indian delegation made their way into the stadium: a woman who didn’t quite seem to belong there.

How would you be able to tell that she didn’t belong there? Well, her clothing was kind of a dead giveaway. While all the Indian athletes were wearing navy and gold outfits, this woman was wearing turquoise pants and a bright red sweatshirt.

And she wasn’t just somewhere in the middle of the pack. She was right up front, walking next to the guy carrying the Indian flag.

So who was that woman?

Good question. The only thing we know for sure is she definitely was not supposed to be there, and Indian officials are pissed.

India’s press attaché, Harpal Singh Bedi, said, “We are totally dazed. How can a person without any accreditation walk past?”

However, according to London 2012 chief organizer Sebastian Coe, this wasn’t just some woman off the street. So, you know, the security at the Games isn’t that incompetent.

Coe didn’t go so far as to identify this interloper by name, but newspapers in India—which have been going apish*t over this incident—have said she is a graduate student from Bangalore named Madhura Nagendra, and her dad offered up a perfectly good explanation for how she might have ended up in the procession: they asked her to escort the Indian team into the stadium, but she didn’t know when to leave and just got stuck in the parade…


Of course, even if that is how it happened, it’s still another black eye for the London organizers. Brits were already kind of upset that the Olympic Flame isn’t visible to the public (the same public that footed the bill for this party). And remember that whole “wrong North Korean flag” thing last week?


Hat Tip – [Fox News]

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