Minor League Baseball Manager With History Of Epic Tirades Does It Again (Video)

baseball manager tirade picks up third baseThere are few things that put a smile on the face of a baseball fan like a good old-fashioned manager tirade. Sure, rain delay antics are nice, but they also have a downside (i.e., a rain delay).

On the other hand, there is very little downside to a manager blowing his top and going ballistic on an umpire—unless you’re team gets penalized, or the manager happens to coach 11-year-old little leaguers instead of grown men.

But if it’s a professional baseball game, manager tirades are glorious. And that brings us to Joe Mikulik, manager of the Single A Asheville Tourists of the South Atlantic League. The guy has a history of epic on-field meltdowns. In fact, a couple years ago when we did a list of 9 Awesome Baseball Tirades, he came in at #7.

And this week old Joe was at it again. Like his last epic meltdown, he ended up stealing a base. But unlike his last epic meltdown, this time he decided to give the base to a fan as a souvenir.

Check it out:

Back in 2006, Mikulik’s tirade earned him a seven-game suspension and a $1,000 fine, which is a pretty hefty punishment for a Single A manager.  This time around I’d expect to see an even stiffer penalty, given that he’s a repeat offender.

But don’t worry Mikulik.  If the fine is too much for you to afford, perhaps all of your appreciative fans (myself included) can take up a collection to help you out.

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