The Mexican Diving Coach Is One Funny Dude (Video)

mexico diving coachIvan Garcia Navarro and German Sanchez Sanchez of Mexico’s Olympic synchronized diving team are pretty damn good. They proved that much when they earned the silver medal in the men’s 10-meter platform event on Monday.

As for there coach, we aren’t quite sure if he is responsible for helping Ivan and German achieve such a high level of success, of if they have simply decided to keep him around for no other reason than his ability to make everyone around him laugh. He demonstrated the latter during his team’s silver medal performance in the pool yesterday, beginning with his embarrassing struggle to locate his seat with his rear.

Check it out:

Moments later, he was at it again, this time demonstrating his rather odd good luck sign.

It sure looks strange, but with a silver medal around the necks of his divers, I guess we can all assume that it succeeded in providing them with the luck that they were hoping for.

Hat Tip – [Business Insider]

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