Saskatchewan Roughriders Fan Passes Out Drunk During Pre-Game Festivities (Video)

drunk roughriders fanThe Canadian Football League doesn’t get a lot of respect on the North American sports scene. American media outlets barely know the league exists, and even Canadian outlets start downplaying their coverage once the NFL and NHL seasons begin.

This is kind of a shame, really. The league has been around in its current form since 1958, and the Grey Cup has been around since 1909. Moreover, a couple CFL teams have been around for over a century themselves. The Toronto Argonauts? They were founded in 1873. And the Saskatchewan Roughriders? They were founded in 1910.

Hell, the Green Bay Packers were only founded in 1919. So there is some serious tradition in the CFL, and thus, some pretty serious fans as well.

This is especially true in Saskatchewan. Canadians are bonkers about hockey, of course, but with the closest NHL team a 6-hour drive from Regina, the people of Saskatchewan have made the Roughriders their pride and joy. So on game days at Mosaic Stadium (built in 1936), things can get awfully wild at times.

How wild? Pass-out drunk mid-jig, wild.

Check out this amazing video:

The person who posted this beauty didn’t give any info, so we don’t know when it’s from. But we do know that these are some boisterous Roughriders fans, and we also know that this guy passes out like he got hit by an acme brand anvil in a Bugs Bunny cartoon.  But that didn’t seem to put a damper on the festivities.  I guess these types of occurrences are quite common during gamedays at the Mosaic.

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