LA’s Jerry Hairston Can’t Get A Grip On The Ball, While Miami’s Ricky Nolasco Can’t Let Go (Videos)

nolasco balk can't let go of the ballOf baseball’s many rules and infractions, the hardest to detect would have to be the balk. While the basic idea is simple—once a pitcher starts his throwing motion, he can’t stop—in practice it’s so complicated that Major League Baseball has actually listed 14 distinct types of balks.

For this reason, fans can’t always comprehend balk rulings. Sometimes the illegal motion of the pitcher is so subtle, only expert eyes can spot them.

However, every once in a while, you’ll see a balk so obvious that even a 2-year-old could spot it. And that brings us to poor Ricky Nolasco of the recently disbanded Miami Marlins. He was pitching for Miami in the first inning against the Braves yesterday when this happened:

Either that’s the worst pick-off move in baseball history, or this guy used a little too much pine tar.

But the really funny thing is, on the very same night, in another Major League stadium, another baseball player had the exact opposite problem.

While Ricky Nolasco couldn’t release his pit bull grip on the ball in Atalanta, Jerry Hairston Jr. couldn’t get any kind of grip on the ball out in Los Angeles.

Check it out:

Perhaps Hairston could have used some of Nolasco’s pine tar.

The best part of this is Vin Scully’s reaction. Sitting up in the press box at Dodger Stadium, he didn’t see what happened. So when the umpires ruled that the runner at second should be awarded third base, he’s like “whaaaaa?”

Just classic.

In any case, Tuesday was clearly a night of opposite bloopers in Major League Baseball.

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