Kobe Bryant’s Wife Not Too Happy About Those Pics Of Him Partying Without A Shirt

vanessa bryant pissedDid you know Kobe Bryant and his ridiculously hot wife Vanessa Bryant have patched things up? I didn’t. I thought they were getting a divorce. And it made sense, really, given the whole “cheating” and “being accused of rape” thing.

But apparently, even though all the divorce papers were finalized this spring after Vanessa filed back in December, the two decided to give it one last shot.

So why is this relevant?

Well, it’s relevant because a shirtless Kobe was recently photographed partying with hot chicks.  And now that wife who didn’t divorce him is pissed off. And pissed off wives can be a bit of a distraction when you’re competing for an Olympic gold medal.

If you haven’t seen the photos, take a look:

kobe bryant shirtless 1

kobe bryant shirtless 2

According to sources who spoke to TMZ, Kobe was at a post-game party in Barcelona last week with some teammates when someone spilled a drink all over him. And rather than sit around in a wet, stinky shirt, he just took it off while he waited for somebody to bring him a new one. So you see, it was all totally innocent.

Is it a believable story? I’d say so. For one, it doesn’t look like Kobe is having a kickass time in these pictures. Plus, when NBA players cheat on their wives, you can usually expect any “topless photos” involved to contain naked female breasts.

Of course, Vanessa Bryant is still very pissed off, according to TMZ. And not because she thinks Kobe cheated on her (again), but because he put himself in a position where these embarrassing photos could be taken in the first place. Which is understandable, given their past.

But Vanessa is sticking by her man…for now, as she still made the trip to London with their two kids to watch Kobe play ball and autograph a Tunisian player’s shoe.

Hat Tip – [TMZ]

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