This Muhammad Ali Tribute Video By DJ Steve Porter Is Why Autotune Was Invented (Video)

ali tribute videoOne night before the 2012 Summer Olympics began, the U.S. Olympic Committee held their Team USA 2012 Benefit Gala at the USA House in London, which will serve as the Committee’s home base for the duration of the 30th Olympiad. And in attendance that night as a special guest of the Committee was none other than “The Greatest,” Muhammad Ali.

As you would expect, the USOC decided to pay special tribute to one of the greatest athletes and cultural figures of the 20th century—who just so happened to win Olympic gold at the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome. As you might not expect, this tribute was actually pretty cool because they commissioned DJ Steve Porter to create the video montage.

You might remember DJ Porter from such sports remix videos as “All He Does Is Lin” and “Press Hop 2,” both of which were pretty big viral hits. As for the Ali tribute, Porter uses Buffalo Springfield’s “For What It’s Worth” as a backing track and Muhammad Ali’s own autotuned words for the vocal track.

The result is pretty awesome. Check it out:

This almost makes me want to donate to the USOC…On second thought, I think I’ll leave that to all the millionaire Olympians at the 2012 Games.

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