Carlos Lee Hit Umpire Joe West In The Head With His Bat (Video)

carlos lee hits joe west in head with batIs it just me, or have baseball umpires had it particularly rough this year?

To recap, just this season alone, we’ve seen an umpire get hit in the head with a broken bat, punched in the face by Yorvit Torrealba, hit in the junk by a 96 mph Stephen Strasberg fastball, forced to tackle a streaker because security dropped the ball, hit by Brett Lawrie‘s helmet, and torn a new one by White Sox announcer Hawk Harrelson.

So what’s the latest misfortune to befall an ump?

Well, on Wednesday night in Atlanta, during a game between the Braves and Marlins, umpire Joe West was hit by the backswing of Miami’s Carlos Lee. The bat hit him on the side of the head, knocking his mask off and drawing blood.

Check it out:

But you know what? Joe West is a pro. Thus, the trainer came out, put a little styptic on the gash, and the game went on.  In the end, it was just another day in the life of an umpire.

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