TNT Should Hire Irish Basketball Announcer Timmy McCarthy (Video)

lebron posterizing tunisian basketball player olympicsIt sure would be nice to be at the 2012 Summer Olympics in person, but let’s face it.  Not many people have the time or money to fly halfway around the world to watch sports for two weeks.

For this reason, the announcers are especially important when you watch the Olympics on television. They need to be knowledgeable, so as to help the viewers understand sports they don’t normally watch, while also possessing a colorful vernacular…but not too colorful (you hear me, Hawk Harrelson?).  Also, it helps if they’re enthusiastic, because as we’ve seen with that video of soccer announcers calling hockey plays, enthusiasm really enhances your enjoyment of the game.

That brings us to Timmy McCarthy. This guy is a former international basketball player for Ireland who is covering the Olympic tournament this year for Ireland’s RTÉ network. And his love and enthusiasm for the game of basketball really comes out in the way he calls a game.

Just look at this example from the opening game between the USA and Tunisia the other day:

Sure, I can only understand bits and pieces of what he’s saying—like “DOOOON TOOOON” and “ALYOOOOOOP” — but I can tell by his intensity that the stuff happening is really exciting.

Wouldn’t you love to have this guy on TNT with Marv Albert, Sir Charles, and Shaq?

Hat Tip – [Grantland]

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