One-Armed MMA Fighter Nick Newell Delivers Nasty Knee KO (Video)

nick newell one-armed MMA fighter knockoutNick Newell was born without his left forearm as the result of a condition called congenital amputation. Basically, what this means is that the blood flow to his arm was somehow cut off at some point while he was in utero, causing it to fall off before he was even born.

That sounds like a crappy hand to have been dealt, but this 26-year-old Massachusetts native never let it keep him down. So when Newell decided he wanted to become an MMA fighter, the kid went out and became an MMA fighter. He’s been active since 2009, and in 2011 he signed multi-fight deals with both Shark Fights and Xtreme Fighting Championships.

So why do we bring Newell up now? Because over the weekend he improved his record to 8-0, thanks to a badass KO of his opponent, David Mays, at XFC 19: Charlotte Showdown.

Check it out:

Pretty impressive, right?

Not to take anything away from Newell, but you have to admit that it must be at least a little embarrassing to get your butt handed to you by a one-armed MMA fighter. All the heart and ability aside, you do have a solid tactical advantage, although, judging by his record, it seems as if Newell’s opponents have been having a tough time making good use of that tactical advantage.  Mays is just the latest fighter to experience such difficulties.

Hat Tip – [Opposing Views]

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