Usain Bolt Wins Gold in 100-Meters At Olympics…Also Has Bottle Thrown At Him (Video & GIF)

Yesterday we finally saw “the marquee event” (according to all the pundits) of the 2012 Summer Olympics—the men’s 100m sprint. And it turned out to be just as much a foregone conclusion as we thought it would be, with Jamaica’s Usain Bolt winning it fairly easily, snatching his second consecutive gold medal in this event and retaining the title of “World’s Fastest Man.”

I say fairly easily because, while it was obvious Bolt would win about halfway through the race, it was close enough that he had to put his head down and run all the way through the finish line, rather than pulling up and gliding through, like he did for his heats and at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. In fact, this was actually the fastest 100-meter race in Olympic history. So the competition was pretty stiff.

Still, the other competitors were no match for Bolt. And in case you happened to miss it, here’s the entire 10-second race in convenient GIF form:

usain bolt 100 meter gold medal

Of course, with this being the biggest event at the Olympics, there were also a few incidents of note that took place before the race even began.

For starters, some idiot fan sitting near the starting line was shouting obscenities at the athletes before actually throwing a bottle onto the track right before the starter’s pistol rang out. You can see the green bottle at the bottom of this photo:


And here’s the video:

But the thing about the Olympics is that you never know who you’re sitting next to, and unfortunately for this bottle-thrower (who is reportedly a 34-year-old vending machine repair man), he happened to be sitting next to Dutch Judo bronze medalist Edith Bosch, who put the guy in a rather uncomfortable choke hold and waited until the cops came to take him away.

Also of note before the race got underway yesterday was one particular female Olympics volunteer. NBC’s cameras caught her looking Usain Bolt up and down while he stripped down to his tight spandex running uniform yesterday. And it seems as though she liked what she saw:

Yeah, that’s embarrassingly awesome.

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