Yet Another Awesome Kick Save From Olympic Volleyball (Video)

don suxho volleyball kick save olympicsLast week we told you about the incredible kick save made by Brazilian volleyball player Fabiana Oliveira.

Well, apparently Don Suxho of the USA men’s volleyball team didn’t want to be outdone, so he provided a brilliant kick-save highlight of his own.

During the first set of the USA’s match against Russia this past Saturday, with his team trailing 16-12, Suxho saved an errant pass from his teammate with his foot. But he didn’t just kick the ball anywhere in desperation. He calmly kicked the ball up in the air, creating a perfect set for his teammate, who then spiked it home for the point.

Have a look:

Something tells me this guy has played a little soccer in his days.

In any case, I’m guessing most people probably didn’t even know you were allowed to use your feet in volleyball. And yet, here we are with two incredible kick-save highlights in under a week.

Of course, the million dollar question is this: which kick-save is better? Fabiana Oliveira’s, or Don Suxho’s?

Big Hat Tip once again to Business Insider for allowing us to use their footage.

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